Why am I Sexually Attracted to Older Men?

Why am I Attracted to Older Men? Things to Consider

Do you worry about “why am I sexually attracted to older men?” Do you feel guilty or ashamed yourself regarding that? Before all, we can assure you that you are normal and you don’t need to find answers from others for this feeling. This is a common situation that thousands of woman face.

If you prefer dating sites, you will find millions of women are looking for much older men. And also, porn sites are the same. There are thousands of search queries for DILF (Dad I’d like to F**k) videos with matured men with teen girls.

It’s a physiological fact of our life. Everyone has their own chronological, physical, physiological and sexual life. Those desires are subjective and uncontrollable. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about thinking that “why am I sexually attracted to older men?”

We will explain the reasons and the facts that you are a healthy person with the same desires as others.

You are not the only one asking ‘Why am I sexually attracted to older men’

“I am a 32 years old woman who is working in a reputed law firm in the city. I have completed my postgraduate studies in Law. My problem is I feel fetish to having a relationship with my same-age men. I would love to associate them as friends. But when I think about sex, I feel repulsive of them. I can feel that when I see older men than 15-20 years old, my inner desires light up. I need to know why I am sexually attracted to older men and why I feel disgusted about same age men”.

This is a question that a client wrote to us. And, we can say that we receive hundreds of this type of questions every month. Therefore, we wanted to highlight is “You are not the only one”.

It’s not an illness or disorder – So, be confident

The hormone structures are a different person to person. Some women like the sporty and muscular type of men. Some woman attracts men for the scent of them.

The women who ask the question of ‘why am I sexually attracted to older men’ like men with round corners. So, it means they like men which having some extra fat layer on the body.

And also, you may have strong sexual feelings that cannot quickly satisfy. Your mentality expects more hard sex than other women. Therefore, your feelings focus on men that have an extra sexual experience in their life. It’s reasonable.

However, we wanted you to be more confident about the situation. If you have any questions, write to us directly. We would love to help you.

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