When can Babies have Water? Babies’ Drinking Water Guide

When can Babies have Water? Babies’ Drinking Water Guide

We know that a grown adult should drink around 5-7 liters of water per day. We can live without eating for 7 days, but we can live a maximum of 2 days without having water to drink. Water is that essential, necessary thing to maintain the human body. However, most young parents ask us, ‘when can babies have water?’. 

Therefore, we hope to explain to you all the things parents need to know when babies can start to have drinking water.

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Can babies drink water?

The human body contains around 50% of the water in the composition. The amount of water percentage is much higher in babies than a fully grown adult. It’s about 60 – 70%. Therefore, babies don’t need to have water as same as adults.

Babies should only start drinking sips of water once they begin to have solid foods. Until then, they will have enough water for maintaining the body hydration from breast milk and the formulas.

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When can babies have water?

A lot of young parents ask this question. The exact answer is, don’t give drinking water for babies until they get 6 months old. Babies can have water when they start to eat solid foods.

Humans drink water to maintain the hydration of the body. Baby’s body contains enough water limits than adults to keep that balance. Babies emit water from the body by peeing and sweating. 

However, the amount of water containing in the breast milk and the other formulas will enough to maintain the hydration level of the baby. If you give extra water, it will cause to reduce the nutrition level of breast milk and formulas.

Therefore, only give breast milk and the formulas for babies under 6 months old. As a breastfeeding mother, you have to drink enough water, it will supply enough hydration for the baby.

After completion of the 6 months and when the baby starts to eat solid foods, you can give sips of water after the meal.  After the 1st birthday of the baby, you can give him water as much as he needs.

What are the Risks when babies have water before 6 months old or younger?

There are several risks and negative results when babies have water before the correct age. Here are those.

  • Lack of nutrition – There is essential nutrition for the mental and physical growth of the baby in the breast milk. And also, the formulas contain other nutrition for healthy growth. If you give water, it will cause you to reduce the absorption of that nutrition.
  • Chemical imbalances – If the water level goes high, it will cause for the diluting electrolytes in the blood. It will make unbalance the body temperature of the baby. And also, sometimes, it will prompt for water intoxication, seizures, or coma.
  • Pains in stomach – Extra water supply cause fill the baby’s tummy. It will affect the digest milk, and it will cause stomachache.

How much water should a 9 month – 12 months old baby drink?

You can start to give drinking water when they begin to have solid foods. Don’t overdose; give several sips of water after the meal.

And also, keep reminding to check the hydration level of the baby’s poop. Then, you can get an idea of how much water should need.

When can babies have water intoxication?

When babies have drunk water than need, it will cause water intoxication. It is called as hyper-hydration, water poisoning, and over-hydration.

When the water level of the body goes higher than the average, it will dilute the electrolytes of the blood. It will unbalance the body functions. The worst result would be a brain damage or a coma.

Can I give my newborn water for constipation?

If your newborn baby has constipation or difficulty when emitting the poo, you should visit your family physician. As a home remedy, you have to drink enough water to maintain the exact water level of breast milk. 

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