The Best Dog For A Scared Child; All About Child-friendly Dog Breeds
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The Best Dog For A Scared Child; All About Child-friendly Dog Breeds

‘A dog is a man’s best friend.’ What would be the first thing that would pop up in your mind? Most probably a dog who is so outgoing and friendly. But can we expect a dog to behave friendly with everyone? The direct answer is a big fat NO because, after all, it is an animal with beasty attributes at times. Therefore, this post is about the best dog for a scared child.

You may have noticed that your child is scared of dogs. That fear may come from different elements. Most frequently, it is either because of false ideas in the child’s mind regarding dogs or because of the dog breeds who are not child friendly. 

As a parent, you may want to find a solution for this, and I’m glad that you landed on the right track. In this article, let us pay more attention to the best dog breed for a scared child.

Let’s get started!

Are dogs good for child development?

Before going along with the concept of the best dog breed for a scared child, it is essential to pay attention to whether the dogs are good for child development. It is said that dogs are good for child development in numerous ways.

Dog being an improver of quality of life

As a domestic animal, the dog is dearer to human beings. The very aspect emerges as an advantageous attribute. Children may gain a well-improved quality of life through dogs.

Dogs can act as a child’s family member. This sounds wonderful because your child will have a learning opportunity open for them by owning a dog. This improvement in the quality of life will be less strenuous.

Instead, it would yield life lessons for the child. This learning exposure can be creatively divided into two segments. Life lessons gain from taking care of a dog and life lessons from growing up with a dog.

Life lessons from dog care

The quality of cooperation and being selfless links with taking care of a puppy. Lending a helping hand for a puppy to get accustomed to the living atmosphere can be highly highlighted here.

The sense of empathy, which should go along with the intention of sympathy, is very rare in some children.

As a parent, you can teach that quality to your child by letting them take care of a dog. In that manner, they may encounter situations where empathy should be grown even towards unsaid and unheard feelings of others.

Furthermore, if your child is a victim of any trauma, don’t worry since the solution is just before your eyes. Let your child consider a pet dog a good friend and let all their traumatized thoughts evade successfully.

Life lessons from growing up with a dog

In pediatric research done in Australia, the significant findings showed that 34% of the children who grew up with a dog showed pro-social behavior. This leads the children to grow higher self-esteem themselves.

You, as a parent, should see it as an impressive plus point. Keeping up with the illnesses and allergies is another life lesson to growing up with a dog. Dog-owning kids will have very active lifestyles.

This would develop their ability to maintain a strong immune system. Even though it comes out as a life lesson, it is quite important in maintaining well-balanced physical wellbeing.

How to introduce dogs to a scared child?

Now you have the essential information in your hands. You, as a parent, now have an informative aspect on the importance of dogs for child development.

Let the journey begin officially to find the best dog for a scared child. On top of all that, the introduction of dogs to a scared child should perform under proper terms and conditions.

Learn the fears and watch your tongue 

We as human beings have certain major and minor fears in our lives. Some may be afraid of spiders, while some may be afraid of dogs. Both are normal and entirely subjective.

One major mistake that the parents make is that they do not try to understand their children’s fears. You may keenly want to let your child have to have a dog.

But, what is the point if you cannot understand that your child is scared of dogs? First, you need to realize the existence of that particular fear.

Never let that fear grow into a phobia under the instigation of your words. For example, asking a neighbor whether their dog would bite people.

Upon hearing such conversations, unnecessary fear towards dogs may instill in the little minds of your children.

Never rush your child towards having physical interactions with a dog

‘Better late than never. Never pressurize your children to get closer to dogs. Let them have their own time to reveal themselves when they are ready to do so.

As a foundation for that revelation, parents can perform numerous tasks. These include introducing your child to picture books, movies that include dogs.

During leisure hours, you can let your child have a distant watch over dogs at a simple location such as a pet supply store.

Adult dog and doggish language being fruitful

The best dog for a scared child when they are ready is an adult dog. Some may assume that puppies are the best for them. But, in reality, puppies are so unpredictable and may tend to bite at times out of excitement.

This would act as a negative attribute towards the scared child. Instead, you can let your child interact with an adult dog and learn the language of the dogs. Doggish language or the language of the dogs are different from that of human beings.

Dogs being non-verbal makes them communicate through gestures. Teach that difference to your child so your child-friendly acts of dogs such as licking anymore.

Let your child be knowledgeable on numerous gestures of the dogs such as wagging the tail, doggy smile with a dangling tongue, and so on.

Picture books and real-life viewing of the gestures will improve the child’s knowledge of the doggish language. This will ease the child to cope up with the dog on a very understandable basis.

Dressed up dogs in action

Even though this sounds hilarious, this is an effective method of introducing the best dog for a scared child. Dogs with clothes can give out a less violent attitude.

This is relatable for both the children and the adults who are afraid of dogs. Bandana on a dog gets the children’s attraction more in a pleasant manner than that of the ordinary ones.

Mannerism when dealing with the dogs

It is a common scenario that most of the children harass their dogs in various ways. Some harassments prove to be much brutal for the animal as well.

This is solely because of some parents’ negligence in teaching the child good manners concerning dog care.

Make the child aware of the fact that hitting, pushing, and harassing the dog is in no way funny.

Child-friendly dog breeds 

Are you still skeptical about which dog breed to choose for your child? The best dog for a scared child should belong to a child-friendly dog breed. There is no doubt about that.

Let me quickly go through a list of such breeds with their most prominent features. As a parent, you have all the right to choose what is best for your child.

  • Bearded Collie – The children can have great playtime with friendly eyes and smooth fur. This dog is easily trainable as well.
  • Beagle – The children can feel more safeguarding sense with this lovely pet.
  • English Springer Spaniel – This pet dog is a bundle of smartness and activeness
  • Newfoundland – The children may experience the qualities of a great swimmer in this dog.
  • Icelandic Sheepdog – Fur refraining from getting wet make this pet ideal for cold areas
  • Field Spaniel – The breed possesses a high level of adaptability to the environment and proves to be a great strength and attractive look.
  • Sealyham Terrier – Your child can make this dog their best friend without much effort.
  • Old English Sheepdog – Being friendly, playful, and capable of adhering to any situation are major positive outlooks of this breed.
  • English Setter – The breed getting along well with other pets would give peace of mind to your child. That is because they can have the dog and other pets at the same time in the same vicinity.
  • Golden Retriever – This pet ranks on a top level when it comes to trustworthiness.

Best small dog for kids 

If you are looking for a family pup as the best dog for a scared child, this is your cup of tea. These cute little pooches are ideal for limited spaces, limited budget, and low training dog training periods. Let’s peep into some such small dogs, and some can be named as follows;

  • Bichon Frise
  • Bolognese
  • Boston Terrier
  • Australian Terrier
  • Border Terrier

Why do some people say that small dogs are not good?

Their aggressive behavior is the primary reason behind that. According to a study done by the University of Sydney, it was found that small dogs show more violent behaviors than other dogs.

They further stated the fact that environmental factors may have been involved in this. The University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna points out another important fact.

They say that small dogs are more sensitive towards punishment. This would inefficient their training procedures as well.

Can we train small dogs to be with kids?

Of course, we can. This will be more fruitful with the assistance of a dog trainer. Never let your child interact all alone with the dog.

You never know what danger it would bring. Instead, supervise the dog all the time and make the child knowledgeable on understanding the dog.

This may resolve most of the disturbing circumstances which are dog-related.

Conclusion – The Best Dog For A Scared Child

The best dog for a scared child is an issue that carries much sensitivity in it. Handling the problem with much care and tenderness would yield fruitful results in no time. If you are a parent with a child who has a fear for dogs, these writings would have been a great help in numerous ways. Keep in mind, dogs are not violent, but your choices should be wise when it comes to your child’s matter.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned with BestFamilyLife for more good content.

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