Tandem Massage for Relaxation – Benefits, Price, and more

Tandem Massage for Relaxation – Benefits, Price, and more

Massage helps to reduce mental and physical stress. Think about when it involves four hands instead of two. How would be the result? That’s why today we discuss about Tandem Massage.

Most people ask us ‘what is tandem massage?’ and ‘what are the benefits of it?.’ Once you finish reading this post, you will know everything about this unique massage method.

I have listed below the main topics and questions that I discuss in this topic. Feel free to jump straight to the topic you want.

What is a Tandem Massage?

Tandem Massage is a unique massage using two therapists instead of one. Two therapists collaborate and work in tandem and share their power and focus on the client simultaneously.

This is a more powerful massage method for relaxation and energy balance. Tandem massage gives twice therapy in one session due to the energy and the expertise of the tandem.

Components of Tandem Massage?

There are two components in Therapeutic Tandem Massage. These two components should be timely arranged for a successful massage.

Components of Tandem Massage?

First one – Mirror Massage.

This ancient method has a long history that runs to the 1200s in China and India. Both therapists share the body of the client half to half as right side and left side. They do the massage in the same pots mutually and give the same pressure. For a successful mirror tandem massage, both therapists should have a great understanding of each other. And also, they should have good practice.

Typically, when mirror massage happens, two therapists look like a result of mirror reflection. They both do the same massage in mutual understanding. Usually, both therapist’s appearance in body height and weight should be similar for a better and well-balanced result.

The second one – Asynchronous Massage

This is the most common tandem massage we can see in the market. Two therapists work in a complementary way, although not as mirror opposites. For instance, one therapist work on the neck whiles the other one work on the thighs.

This method is often used in most massage therapy parlors. However, this massage method is famous among mid-aged people that expect two relaxations at the same time within different directions.

What does a Tandem Massage do?

What does a Tandem Massage do?

A tandem massage routine is like a cart that two horses drag. It has more power and energy with efficiency. Tandem massage delivers a high amount of pressure through muscles and tissues that have deep relaxation.

And also, it contains stretching and reflexology with long-lasting massage strokes. Ultimately, it will bring you a deep relaxation and energy balance within every corner of the body.

What is the Feeling?

Imagine that well-experienced four hands pressure your paining muscles and remove the tension of your body. That is the feeling of tandem massage.

Two expert therapists will pressure your muscles to the deep according to a specific routine. They have a great understanding of each other and what they do. Therefore, while you close your eyes and relax, they will trace every corner of your body and take off the body’s tension and stress.

There will be lighted smell sticks with a pleasant and dark lighted atmosphere. You will be gone to another world at the end of relaxation. You will feel starting to feel every muscle of your body and the healthy functionality of those. There will not be any words to express that feeling.

Benefits of Tandem Massage

  • You will receive twice as much power and efficiency in the allotted time.
  • The healing power is much higher in the mirror tandem massage.
  • More pressure gives more relaxation.
  • The balance between strength and relaxation.

How much will be the cost?

The cost will depend on the place you visit. Typically, there will be several packages starting from 80$ to 150$ within the time frame of 60minutes to 120 minutes. There will be extra charges for the oils, smell sticks, and other extra items.
You can use google maps to find a local massage center.

Is it worth it?

Yes, of course. Give it a try and have the same feeling of extra relaxation.

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