7 Signs a Taurus Man Doesn't Like You

7 Signs a Taurus Man Doesn’t Like You

Are you worried about your Taurus guy’s behavior? Do you think that he doesn’t give you enough attention? Here you are. You need proper guidance to understand the signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you.

There are different types of people in the world. They have different actions, behaviors, and interests. It would be better if you identify the Taurus men’s behavior when you deal with them. It is evident that Taurus men have different expectations when they select a life partner. And also, they act slowly when they want to make a long-term decision.

Therefore, you should not panic about the situation. The best thing to do is read your Taurus man’s signs and decide whether he likes or doesn’t like you. 

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Typically, Taurus men tend to achieve their targets slowly and steadily. They like to read the people for a longer time and come to a conclusion. Probably, you may have understood that the waiting time to conclude is much higher for the Taurus men. That is their nature. 

When you have feelings for a Taurus man but when he doesn’t take the first move, you may think it won’t work. Don’t be in a hurry. Try to find the signs that I discuss in this post to decide if a Taurus man doesn’t like you. 

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When a Taurus man doesn’t like You?

If you noticed adequately, the Taurus men are gentle to everyone and try to enjoy the situation with others. They don’t like to show their actual feelings directly due to their warm hearts. Therefore, it may be challenging to decide when a Taurus man is not interested in someone. 

The Taurus man you are interested in may reiterate that he likes you as a friend or a sister when they are not interested in you. They don’t want to draw a bad impression of themselves on other’s minds. And also, they won’t take the risk of letting you attract him. Therefore, they try to keep some distance from the people they associate with. 

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That is not the main thing. There are some other signs you can identify when a Taurus man doesn’t like you. Let’s dive into the deep.

He keeps some distance

When a Taurus man doesn't like You?

As we discussed earlier, Taurus men are friendly and gentle towards everyone. If you can recognize that your Taurus man tries to keep some distance from you, it is a clear sign that he doesn’t like you romantically.

You may notice that always one Taurus guy tries to keep a several feet distance from you physically, which means that he doesn’t want you to be closer to him. He may like you as a friend, co-worker, or colleague, but he only wants to maintain that relationship professionally.

Taurus men deflect physical contact when they are not interested in someone

As I mentioned earlier, Taurus men think twice before they do something. Suppose a Taurus man doesn’t want to start a romantic relationship with you. In that case, he deflects physical contact with you other than a handshake, friendly hug, or a quick shoulder rub.

They just don’t want to hurt someone avoiding a friendly gesture. Therefore, Taurus men try to deflect the situations timely. They have a good sense of skipping the situations using their intelligent minds.

You don’t hear from him often

You may notice that he doesn’t reply to your texts or doesn’t respond to phone calls. Less communication is a clear sign that a Taurus man doesn’t like you romantically. If someone cares about you, there should be some priority to communicate with you often. 

Typically, guys like to flirt with the girls they like very often. They tend to text, phone, or chat to show their affection and prioritize winning the heart. That applies the same to the Taurus men as well.

Therefore, if a Taurus man calls you occasionally to share some important information, it is a clear sign that he doesn’t like you romantically.

He will not make plans with you

Taurus men tend to keep their relationships in a safe zone. They make strong plans with the people they trust and are interested in.

If a Taurus man doesn’t invite you to participate with his plans, it is a sign that the Taurus man doesn’t like you in a way you want.

He doesn’t ask your opinions

We know that Taurus men tend to show their resistance using different signs. If a Taurus guy doesn’t ask your opinion purposely, he doesn’t like you. Typically, people ask others’ opinions when they do something that relates to the group. When your Taurus guy skips your opinion, it means he wants to let you know that he is not into you.

It would be best if you didn’t come to a conclusion from the first incident. It is better to study his attitude for some reasonable time before deciding that he doesn’t like you.

Evasion – Signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you

Evasion is a Sign that Taurus man doesn’t like you

Taurus men can be evasive with women that they don’t like to interact with. However, they act gently but carefully when dealing with women. I know you are looking for the signs of a Taurus man that doesn’t like you. 

Therefore, you need to identify the signs when your Taurus man acts evasive. He doesn’t answer you directly. Sometimes, they will ask for time to make decisions. 

As a woman, you should have the sense of notice when your Taurus man’s evasion; and, it is a sign that man doesn’t like you.

He makes serious jokes

We discussed earlier that the Taurus men don’t express their true feelings directly. And also, they know how to achieve a target slowly and steadily. When he doesn’t like you, he will show you indirectly using serious jokes. 

Sometimes, those jokes may relate to your body, clothes, appearance, or anything related to you. He may do it as a joke. However, he knows that you get hurt from that joke. Actually, what he wants is to let you know that he doesn’t like romantically.


We have discussed the most common signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you. If you see any of those signs from the Taurus man you like, the chances to make a romantic relationship with him could be challenging. And also, if a Taurus man likes you more than a friend, he does everything he can to win your heart.

I think now you have the answers for the signs of a Taurus man who is not interested in you. You can follow the above-discussed signs and identify whether he likes them or not. If you get to know that your crush doesn’t like you as you expect, what should you do?

You can be nice to him and let him know that you have special feelings for him. The best thing to do is wait for some time and see any changes in his attitude. After a reasonable time (3-6 months), you can measure your insights into him and come to a conclusion.

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I hope you enjoy this post and understand the signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you. Stay with us and contact us for posting your stories on our website through our contact page.

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