Milk Blister on Nipple – Types, Causes, and Home Treatments

Milk Blister on Nipple – Types, Causes, and Home Treatments

There are different types of milk blister on nipple during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sometimes it may be excruciating. Most mothers worry about those and hesitate about continuing breastfeeding the baby.

Therefore, we hope to discuss the types, causes, and home treatments for those milk blister on the nipple.

Milk Blister on Nipple while breastfeeding

Causes for the milk blister on nipple

Most of the time, milk blisters appear on the nipple while breastfeeding. Milk blisters appear because of a small piece of skin grows and blocks the milk pores of the nipple.

When the milk compress, you will feel the pain because the part of the skin blocks the ducts. Then it grows outwards, and you can see it as a small dot is visible on the nipple in clear, white, or yellow.

Sometimes, hardened milk, fatty milk, or semi-solidified milk may block the milk ducts. Those blisters will disappear with continuing breastfeeding. And also, you will feel relief and less pain after feeding.

Early pregnancy blisters on nipple

Milk blisters on early pregnancy are rare situations. However, it can happen because of the tenderness of the breast. You will feel your breasts have enlarged and grown.

At this time, the milk ducts get obstructed by hardened, fatty, or semi-solidified milk. It will make your pain in the areola. Sometimes, it can be visible in yellow or white.

Causes for the milk blister on nipple

Milk Blister on Nipple while breastfeeding

There are several causes for appearing milk blisters on the nipple. The common cause is the continuous rubbing and latching of the nipple. If you are breastfeeding, you cannot control it. However, the wrong position of the baby’s latching may be the reason.

And also, the incorrect use of breast pumping causes the milk blisters. You have to use a standard milk pump for pumping. Also, you have to follow the instructions properly.

Sometimes, nipple shields or non-fit nursing bra may cause the milk blister on nipple. Therefore, you have to select the most suitable product for you carefully.

Treatment when Milk Blister on Nipple won’t go away

The real remedy for the milk blisters is moist heat nursing and then clear the ducts of the skin using a hospital-grade pump. Then, apply medications to heal the skin.

However, you can do home treatments if the blisters are small and less painful. You can massage the nipple with hot water using a wet wipe and apply olive oil before the feeding. This will melt the skin or blocked milk.

Treatment when Milk Blister on Nipple won’t go away

And also, after thawing it, you can carefully remove the blister using fingernails. Another home treatment is, you can use Epsom salt with hot water to massage the nipple before feeding. It will help you to reduce the pain while feeding.

Preventing friction nipple blisters

If you can avoid the wrong positions and make some changes to lifestyle, you will be easily preventing the milk blister on nipple.

  • Drink enough water – less water level of the body may cause to milk hardened and contain more fat. Therefore, drink enough water to balance the hydration of the body.
  • Correct the baby’s incorrect latching – incorrect latching may cause continuous rubbing in the same place. Sometimes, unnecessarily pressing and sucking of the baby may cause the milk blisters on the nipple. You have to change the positions to prevent these.
  • Hot massage before and after feeding – Massage the nipple with warm water before and after feeding. This will remove the obstructions and clean the milk ducts.
  • Using standard milk pump – You have to use a standard milk pump according to the instructions.

We hope this post will help you to identify and clarify the types, causes, and treatments for milk blister on nipple. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to write to us. If you think this post will be helpful for someone, you can share this with your friends.

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