Independent Living For Adults - Facts, Tips And Hints

Independent Living For Adults – Facts, Tips And Hints

Adults are the people who once had beautiful and energetic youth. Usually, they do not like to depend on others, even on their children. Independence plays a crucial role in adults’ life both physically and mentally.

Loss of autonomy with their age is a discouragement to adults. They had raised families, worked hard in their careers, made independent decisions in their life. So, a person like that never likes to depend on other people for anything.

In that scenario, independent living plays a vital role in keeping them happy. Independent living for adults is simply a housing arrangement for older adults.  Today, anyone the age of 55 and over is considered a candidate for independent living.

Sometimes, these people are not retired yet, but they want a free life from household maintenance and other family burdens.

So, why is independent living for adults beneficial? There are lots of benefits for them through this, both physically and mentally. Independent retirement communities are not filled with luxurious activities but with activities like doing hobbies like classes, trips, picnics, movie nights, gatherings, etc. People who want to live their own lives in these independent living communities want to make their life decisions by their own lives.

They are free from daily house chores and household maintenance. Independent living usually considers an apartment, cottage, or studio. This can be different according to their preference. 

Moreover, most independent living facilities include a swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center, meditating center, etc.

On the other hand, services like saloons, laundry are also included in these independent living facilities. Also, adults can hire home servants if they want. 

So, adults who like to enjoy their other quarter of life without any household burden select to live in an independent living community.

This article will help you understand what is meant by independent living for adults, facts that adults should consider when moving to an independent living community, types of independent living facilities, and the benefits of independent living for adults.

If you want your adults to live with you because you think they cannot live independently, reading the full article will change your thoughts!

What is independent living for adults?

The independent living communities are best for adults who like to live independently and spend a social life. These living communities maintain a free lifestyle for adults, which positively impacts their mental and physical well-being.

An independent living community provides many facilities. Such as ;

1. Assistance with housework

Many adults in homes spend their time helping their children or family do household chores and lose time for themselves.

But in an independent living community, an adult can have a person do their laundry, household chores, etc. So, they can have free time for themselves.

2. Activities and social opportunities

Adults in an independent living community can gather with their neighbors who are in the same age group and do the activities they like.

3. Amenities

Many independent living facilities provide amenities like tennis courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, salons, game rooms, etc. 

Also, these independent living communities have options like apartments, studios, cottages, villas, duplexes, townhomes in various sizes and plans.

Adults can select a proper place for themselves according to their preferences. There are few other names for independent living for adults. 

Facts to consider when choosing an independent living community

There are few facts to consider before an adult chooses their independent living community. Some are;

1. Daily Life

When an adult decides to move into an independent living community, the first thing that he/she should consider is their own daily life.

Things that could be considered are; will it be convenient for their family and friends to visit them, is there enough facilities to live in, about the environment, is the people are warm and kind, etc.

Also, if it has several floors, check if the living place has elevators.  Having a parking place is also important. 

2. Is it difficult to connect with friends and family?

With the isolation, there is a risk for depression and anxiety with the adults. So, select a place your family and friends can access easily.

3. How is your health?

Before selecting an independent living for adults, they should definitely pay attention to their health.

Do not go to independent living if you are not healthy enough to live alone.  

4. How easy is it to get around?

Some independent living communities have gatherings, facilities far from the living places. So consider that if you can drive to those places to attend social activities and to visit friends. If it is not comfortable with you, go for another option. 

5. Pets

If you currently have a pet, you should check if there are any rules for your pet.

The pet rules can be a big factor in independent living communities, and on the other hand, it is crucial for your mental health too. Therefore, do not forget this. 

6. Cost

Another main fact an adult should consider is the cost. Consider whether the facility you choose is under your budget or not.

Also, you should be ready to pay more for the amenities you want.

Types of independent living facilities for adults

As the article mentioned earlier, adults have various options in selecting an independent living community. They can choose the best option according to their lifestyle and preferences.

It can be apartments, cottages, single houses, etc. The main types of independent living for adults are ;

1. Independent Living Apartments

This is best for social adults. These independent living apartments provide field trips, many community events, gatherings with neighbors, etc.

Mainly the adults who do not want frequent medical assistance can choose this type.

2. Adult Homes

Adults who cannot live independently by themselves should choose this type as it usually contains medical facilities, personal care, supervision, housekeeping, etc. 

3. Enriched Housing

Adults can live in independent housing units, and this type is very similar to adult homes. 

4. Family-Type Homes

These houses contain housekeeping, long-term residential care, and supervision of a professionalist.

5. Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

This type guarantees “aging in a place.” When the needs of the adults change, they can move to the next level of care. 

Amenities with medical care are included in this CCRC type independent living community. 

6. Nursing Home (Skilled Nursing Facility)

This type of independent living facilitates 24-hour medical care for adults with trained medical professionals.

Also, experienced staff help adults with bathing, eating, laundry, and others work they need help with. 

Benefits of independent living for seniors

There are plenty of benefits of independent living for adults. Below mentioned are common and few benefits.

1. Simplicity and freedom 

Adults who live independently do not have to deal with the expenses of maintaining a house. Also, they have more time.

So they can pursue new interests and enjoy their life. Simplicity and freedom is the main push factor for adults to live independently.

2. There’s more time for traveling

Adults can have their own time when they move into an independent living community as they are free from doing household chores or taking care of their grandchildren.

They can have more time to travel. Even for long-term vacations to a foreign country as they have nothing to worry about their responsibilities.

3. There are lots of new people to meet. 

Isolation affects both physically and mentally to anyone, especially adults. But living independently does not let an adult be alone.

They have neighbors of the same age group neighbors with almost the same interests.

Also, they can meet new people from different areas of the country. And, they can have gatherings, play games, etc.

4. Staying active 

Adults get lazy with their age. But it is not good for their health.

An adult can use fitness centers in independent living apartments under the guidance of professionals. So, they can stay active and healthy.

5. Consolidation of Expenses

When an adult lives in a home, receiving a mailbox full of bills at the end of the month is normal.

In comparison to living in an independent living community, it can be costly. But, independent living communities will consolidate living expenses.

Moreover, independent living for adults include benefits of;

  • Safety & Security
  • Fine Dining
  • Transportation
  • Peace of mind
  • Nutrition

Final thoughts about independent living for adults and seniors

Moving to an independent living community may be hard for adults and their families as they have to say goodbye to the family home. On the other hand, there are plenty of benefits in independent living for adults.

It improves their overall physical and mental wellbeing.  This article helps to identify the factors an adult should consider when they decide to move to an independent living, the varieties of options they have, and the benefits.

As adults who can make their own decisions, they should make the best decision to live happily for the rest of their lives.

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