How to Keep Cats Off the Bed? Simple Tricks Explained

How to Keep Cats Off the Bed? Simple Tricks Explained

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. Although many people think it is easy to raise a cat, still you need to sacrifice a considerable amount of time from your daily routine.

Cat owners also have many problems regarding the best practice of raising their cats. Among all other problems, how to keep cats off the bed is one of the most asked questions. 

So, How to keep the cats out of bed? There are many ways to keep your cat away from your bed. There are 3 main methods that you can use to keep your cat off the bed.  Namely, training, forcing, and rewarding. In this article, I have discussed all these methods you could use, and other essential facts that you must pay attention to as a cat owner before keeping your cat out of bed. 

As a cat owner, many people have asked my opinion about keeping cats off the bed. Also, I have managed to keep my cats off the bed by using effective ways. 

Since I felt this was a common problem among cat owners, I decided to give you an overview of “how to keep cats off the bed” based on my personal experience.

Why Your Cat Likes to Sleep With You?

It is always good to see the reasons behind the problem before we try to solve it. Therefore, before we find an answer to how to keep cats off the bed, it is essential to understand their need to come to the bed.  


It is a well-known fact that every cat likes a warm atmosphere, and it makes them happy and satisfied. This is one of the main reasons that cats want to get on your bed all the time.

Since your bed is full of pillows and beddings, it creates a comfortable heaven for them. If you are also in bed, this makes the place even warmer and comfortable for them. 


Although many of us believe that cats are mostly in love with places but not in love with humans, this is not actually 100% true. Our cats miss us too, and they also like to be around the person they love.

If you have noticed your cat is following you all the time, you know what I am saying. If you have this type of really obsessed cat, it is obviously going to follow you and come to your bed. 


Even though there is no one in your house to hunt your cat, they are at risk of being chased by another animal in their minds.

Since your cat trusts you, it feels secure and protected by being next to you while sleeping. This is also one of the main reasons cats can’t control themselves following you to the bed. 


As a matter of fact, cats are territorial beasts. Therefore, they may consider your bed as a part of their territory. Since they have glands in their feet, cats mark their territory by walking on objects.

Further, they rub their heads on things as their heads release a pheromone which helps them mark the area. Therefore, by getting onto your bed, the cat marks its territory. 

As now we know the reasons behind them getting on to our beds, it is easy to find solutions to prevent this behavior and keep them off the bed.

Should You Let Cats Sleep In Your Bed?

Should You Let Cats Sleep In Your Bed?

If someone asks you if I should let cats sleep in my bed, the answer would be it is up to you, and it is going to be your call. One cat owner might find that keeping the cat in the bed is OK, while another cat owner thinks it is important to have a personal space to sleep. 

This decision doesn’t make you a bad or a good cat owner. Therefore, you have the freedom to make the decision by paying your attention to your personal requirements. 

You may find so many good reasons such as love, warmth, companionship to let your cat stay with you in your bed. But some cat owners may see a risk of letting it come to the bed.

Why Should My Cat Not Sleep on My Bed?

Among all the good reasons that would motivate you to keep your cat in your bed, I would like to draw your attention to the below facts that demotivate you to keep your cat with you in the bed. 

This will help you to understand the reasons behind most cat owners’ common problem, how to keep the cats off the bed. 


Letting your cat in bed may cause injuries. If your cat has sharp claws, it might hurt you accidentally without even knowing it.  This would be an unpleasant situation for both your cat and you. 

On the other hand, if you have a newborn kitten, there is a high risk to the cat by keeping it in your bed. If you accidentally rolled onto your kitten’s body while you are sleeping, your cat may get hurt severely.


Most cats tend to shed, and this might affect your health by giving you allergies. Not only shedding but your cat may sometimes bring parasitoids and germs with them.

They could transfer these to you that cause many illnesses. Therefore, it is good to keep your cat off the bed. 

Quality Sleep 

According to many research studies, keeping your pet with you at night could disrupt you from having a good sleep.

As we all know, cats are more active at night and they might start playing or making noises as they are not sleepy. If you really need to have a good sleep that helps you start your day fresh, you should think about keeping your cats off the bed. 

Since now we are aware of the reasons cats come to our beds and why we should keep them off the bed, let’s move on to how to keep cats off the bed.

How can I keep my cat out of my bed at night?

If you want to keep your cat out of your bed at night, there are so many ways to do that. But before doing so, you must know the best way for your cat. You could do this by understanding all the ways and methods of keeping the cats off the bed. 

Some of you might find these ways are not cat-friendly, or it sounds not kind. But before judging, you must think reasonably about these options and think of good vibes you can get by having a well-behaved pet at your house. 

All the methods that exist to keep your cat off the bed at night can be categorized into 3 main categories; namely,

  1. Training
  2. Forcing 
  3. Rewarding 

Before you find a way to prevent your cat from getting to your bed, you must think of the best source of the method you could use. I will explain all the strategies and techniques that come under the 3 main categories mentioned above in this article.

How to Keep Cats off the bed by keeping them out of Room?

One prominent method of keeping your cat off the bed is keeping them out of the room. This includes many techniques that can be interpreted as a training, forcing way, or rewarding way. I have listed them with a short description below. 

Cat Furniture

This can be introduced as a rewarding method. As all of us know, cats are curious and love to have different toys and warm places to occupy and spend their time.

Buying a piece of cat furniture such as a scratching post with a perch and keeping it in an area close to your bedroom or close to a window would be helpful to keep your cat out of rooms. 

You might be interested having a look at some of best Cat Furniture. Find it below;

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You may encourage your cat to spend their time there at night, and after a few days, the cat will identify it as a secure and warm place to stay without joining you in your bed. 

Keep the bedroom door closed

Keeping the bedroom door closed is also an effective way to keep your cat out of rooms. This comes under training methods, and sometimes your cat may find it difficult and get a little bit upset in the beginning. 

Further, there is a huge possibility of your cat starting to scratch the door once you close it. You may feel uncomfortable by this action of your cat. Giving your cat a treat and encouraging it to head to its own cat furniture could help you control the situation. 

Cat Repellent Method  

Although I do not personally follow or encourage others to follow, I mention this method for your information. The cat repellent method is one of the forcing methods that you can use to keep your cat out of the room. 

You may find many different cat repellent products such as spray and dust from the market. Using them on your bedroom door or next to the bedroom entrance, you can stop your cat from entering the room. 

Further, keeping a toy that your cat is scared of or keeping the food items they don’t like next to the door, such as lemons and oranges, would help you keep the cat away from your room. 

This method may make your cat angry or frustrated; therefore, please use this method after carefully thinking about it twice. As a cat parent, I would like to kindly remind you to use methods that don’t hurt your cat’s feelings.

Is it cruel to lock a cat in a room at night?

Cat owners who have enough space to give a separate room for their cat are using the method of locking the cat in a room. 

One of my friends who tends to use this method recently asked me if this method is cruel. Because of many reasons, I would not say this is a cruel way. 

As we already know, cats are curious creatures, and sometimes they would put themselves in trouble once we take our eye out of them. Their excitement causes this and, as cat parents, we should take all the precautions to avoid these kinds of situations. 

Especially at night, if you can keep your cat in a separate room where it can stay in its own comfort zone, it is reasonable to lock it inside.

But if you are going to use this method, please do not forget to have a piece of cat furniture, cat toys, litter box, and water bowl in the room.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Jumping On The Bed?

Stopping your cat from jumping on your bed would also help you to keep your cat out of bed.  There are many ways you can follow to prevent them from jumping onto your bed. I have listed them below with a short description. 

  • Get a cat bed

One of the most effective ways is buying a cat bed for your cat. You can place the cat bed next to your bed and give your cat a feeling that it has its own bed, the same as yours.  

This method will let your cat be with you without disturbing your personal space. As a cat owner, I highly recommend this method and personally use this method for my cats.

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  • Cut the nails

By cutting your cat’s nails, you can keep them short, and it will prevent them from jumping into your bed. But if you have a short bed, there is still a huge possibility of jumping to your bed.

Although this is not that effective way to keep your cat off the bed, this will help you prevent injuries that can cause their sharp nails

  • Make Your Bed Undesirable 

Making your bed an undesirable place will also help you to keep your cat away from your bed. As discussed earlier, you can use cat repellent products around your bed to demotivate your cat from jumping to your bed.

Another way to make our bed an undesirable place is using double side tape in the edges of your bed. Once the cat’s paws feel sticky to the tape, it will demotivate your cat from jumping to the bed.  

Utilizing plastic runners or carpets would also help you in this regard, and it will make your cat frightened to come close to your bed. This is a very effective method, and it won’t hurt your cat’s feelings or abuse them.  

How to keep the cats off the bed by training them?

It is essential to have knowledge about how to keep the cats off the bed by training them. In this section, I am going to discuss 4 main things that you must pay attention to as a cat owner. 

  • Start When They Are Young 

Training is very much needed for any pet, and this applies to cats as well. It is especially essential to start training at a young age.

You can begin to train your kitten to stay out of your bed at an early age, which has identified an effective way to keep the cats off the bed. If you are too late for this and have an adult cat, don’t worry; my next subtopic is for you. 

  • Tell Them No 

Although it is challenging to train an adult cat, you can still find ways to control its behaviors. Making your cat familiar with the word “No” is one of the best ways, and you can train it to respect “No” and avoid jumping to the bed.

If you are patient and strong enough to practice this with your cat, this will be a perfect way to keep your cat out of your bed. 

  • Create a Routine 

Creating a daily routine is also a good way. Do not let anything come as a surprise to your cat’s daily schedule. I know this is not an easy task. You would also need a well-structured day to do this with your cat.

But if we can follow this, it will assist you to behave your cat correctly.  You can make going to their own bed a part of their daily routine, which will help them understand its limits. 

  • Appreciate  Good Behavior 

When your cat is staying on the cat bed, staying out of your bed, or when they respect your “No,” you can reward them by giving them a treat or a neck rub.

Your cat will save this incident in its mind and try to follow this to have more rewards. Therefore, this is also an excellent method to keep your cat off the bed.  

Conclusion – So, How to keep the cat off the bed? 

There is no right or wrong way to raise your cat. As we discussed in this article, keeping the cat off the bed is up to cat owners, and you have the full freedom to make your decision regarding this. Somehow, if you want to keep your cat off the bed, train them, reward them, or use forcing methods according to your choice. 

But please do not forget to make sure your cat’s safety, mental and physical wellbeing while using any of these methods. 

Hope all my cat-loving readers will have a pawsome day. Stay tuned with BestFamilyLife for more good content.

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