How to Improve Father-Daughter Relationship?

How to Improve Father-Daughter Relationship?

As a daughter with unconditional love for my father, I’m so glad to describe the topic, how to improve father-daughter relationship? The relationship between father and daughter begins with the day the daughter is born.

Father is the first love and the hero of a daughter’s life. It’s the same with me, and I always feel secure when my father is around. I know that no harm can reach me whenever he is with me.

Therefore, this will be a heart-touching discussion for me. I will begin by describing what a good father-daughter relationship is and its benefits. Then, I will focus on how a dad should treat his daughter.

Finally, let’s identify how to improve father-daughter relationships. I’m going to share my views to the point together with my personal experiences.

I have listed the topics below that I discuss in this post. Feel free to jump straight to the one you are interested in. Let’s get started!

What is a good father-daughter relationship?

A good father-daughter relationship connects with love, respect, trust, and support between the father and the daughter. The relationship between father and daughter is a biological connection that will improve together with the psychological aspects.

The first essential of a good father-daughter relationship is the active interest and involvement of a father in his daughter’s life. Father is the first person in the life of a daughter that she gives priority to since her childhood.

So, the father needs to have good communication and sharing thoughts with his daughter since her birth. Then, a good relationship between them will create and continue throughout life.

In a good father-daughter relationship, both of them could express their views, ideas, and thoughts openly with each other. Their relationship should be closer as friends, and then the daughter can discuss her matters with the father rather than finding solutions alone or from society.

A good father-daughter relationship makes the daughter comfortable and creates a peaceful home environment. A good father-daughter relationship plays a key role in the psychological development of both.

With the affection of the good relationship with her father, girls grew up with more confidence and an understanding of life.

Therefore, having an excellent father-daughter relationship is worth it since the day that the daughter was born. For that, fathers need to explore how to improve father-daughter relationships to the extreme.

Benefits of a strong father-daughter relationship

A strong father-daughter relationship can change the whole life of a girl to developing as a strong woman. Father can influence his daughter from the toddler to her entire life to shape her life for the better.

On the view of Michael Austine, associate professor of philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University and editor of Fatherhood- Philosophy for Everyone: The Dao of Daddy;

“How Dad approaches life will serve as an example for his daughter to build off of in her own life, even if she chooses a different view of the world.”

The benefits of a solid father-daughter relationship can bring impacts to the current life and be long-lasting. When considering my personal experience, I always have my father with me on every occasion of my life, and I can share everything with him as a friend.

It feels more comfortable and assured. It’s such a relief when you know that someone is always waiting for you there whenever you need it, and whenever you feel down, it’s glad to have a warm shoulder to wipe tears.

Believe me, it’s great, and there are no words to describe that caring feeling. Only a daughter can feel it.

Improvement of daughter’s life skills

Every father must be knowledgeable on how to improve father-daughter relationships since it is really important for a daughter’s life. They heavily impact the development of life and social skills of a daughter since her childhood.

Father has to create self-esteem and confidence within his daughter since her childhood. It will help her to stand as a strong woman in the future. And the good relations with his father can affect the behavior, manners, listening skills, and communication of daughters.

They will begin to express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts more openly without cowardice or shyness.

Help both to overcome loneliness

A strong father-daughter relationship is essential to overcome the loneliness of both the father and the daughter. Especially in childhood, significant attention should be paid to the feelings and mentality of a child.

To make young girls feel no loneliness, her relations with the father directly affect. When there is good communication, sharing ideas, and time with each other, both of them do not feel lonely.

On the other hand, when the father gets older and daughters become adults, this strong relationship will affect the father to overcome his loneliness.

Mental health benefits

Research shows that girls and young women who have good relations with their fathers are less subjected to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. They are free from dissatisfaction with their appearance and body weight.

Therefore, a strong father-daughter relationship brings mental health benefits. It formulates how daughters deal with stress and mental issues. A good father-daughter relationship leads to a peaceful mind setting of a daughter and creates comfort.

Relational Impact

A strong father-daughter relationship since childhood will affect the romantic life of the daughter in her adulthood. Most of the girls measure other men in comparison to her father.

Girls decide what to expect from their future partners and how they should be treated by how their father treated them. Most of the girls are searching for a partner similar to their fathers.

When girls do not have a favorable relationship with their fathers, most of them negatively view every man. Therefore, a strong father-daughter relationship will move daughters to safer, healthy, strong, and long-lasting love relationships.

Fathers must be concerned about improving the father-daughter relationship since childhood to get rid of their daughter from inappropriate relationships.

Improvement in academic abilities

When a girl has a good relationship with her father since her childhood, the father can direct the daughter in a better direction by identifying the abilities of his child.

The strong father-daughter relationships will lead the girl to engage in academic activities more fruitfully.

The researchers also proved that the girls with strong father-daughter relations performed well in educational activities and chose the right paths in their lives. The guidance of a father is impactful in the life of a daughter.

How should a dad treat his daughter?

Since the father is the hero of her daughter, the father should treat the daughter as his princess. The daughter must always feel that she is the best of her father. Dad should treat her feel special.

Tell her that she is smart, beautiful, lovely, worthy, and capable in everything. And he should always appreciate her.

More than the things a dad buys for her, the daughter needs most from him is love. So fathers, treat your daughter with unconditional love as she expects from you. Don’t let her doubt your love.

Always make her feel that you are the person who loves her the most. In addition, she treats her mom well. Because the daughter is observing how you treat her mom, the image she creates on you depends on that.

Therefore, one of the important things you can do to treat your daughter well is to treat her mom well. Make time for them.

Understand the daughter’s mentality and her favors. Most of the time, they love to play with you, do makeup for you, and play with your hair. Let them do those things and enjoy them. Learn to do their hair and paint nails.

It will be nice if the father makes a ponytail for his daughter. My dad used to do it in my childhood, and I loved it so much.

Don’t compare her with other kids and treat her to feel that she plays a vital role in the family. When you miss things or hurt her, don’t hesitate to ask her forgiveness. Treat her equally and teach her to stand alone firmly.

Help the daughter to identify her abilities and skills and encourage her dreams. Always stay there whenever she needs you. Make her feel comfortable. Treat your daughter well and study more on how to improve father daughter relationships.

How to improve the father-daughter relationship?

How to improve father-daughter relationship is a common question that is often heard. Every father needs to study it further since it can impact his daughter’s whole life.

Here are some pieces of advice for fathers with daughters on how to improve father daughter relationships further.

Create a comfortable zone with your daughter to talk

One of the essential facts in discussing the topic of how to improve father-daughter relationships is to talk and discuss everything with each other. Father needs to make the daughter feel comfortable to discuss anything with him.

They need to freely express their views, ideas, and emotions to improve their relations. This will make the daughter closer to her father, and then you can make her aware of unsuitable things easily.

Value her opinion

Always listen to the daughter’s opinions and value them. Make her sure that you appreciate them. Then the daughter too will begin to respect your views.

It will build up the trust between the father and daughter. You can build up her self-confidence, self-esteem, and skills through that.

Spent time with your daughter

Take your daughter to outings such as to a park, play zone, to watch a movie, for a walk, etc. And even simple things such as going for a coffee, taking her to pre-school or nursery can be done. Girls love to go on dates or outings.

It’s a good answer to the matter, how to improve a father-daughter relationship. You can make her time exciting and joyful by spending fun time together. It will add good memories about you and enhance the relationship further with you.

Teach her new things

Find your daughter’s interest in learning and experimenting with new things. For a kid, every little thing they learn is a new achievement.

So teach your daughter new things such as riding a bike, fishing, playing cricket, photography, playing musical instruments, exploring nature, etc.

Learning something new from their fathers will affect their whole life journey, and they will begin to enjoy themselves with you.

Write letters to your daughter

Letters are a better way to express emotions than verbal communication. So, write letters to your daughter expressing your love and feelings for her.

Even if you both live in the same place, no matter; write letters to her on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, in her school grades and achievements.

It will let her know that you care about her so much, and letters will be a good memory for her entire life.

Point out the similarities

As the father and daughter with the biological and psychological connection, both of you may have similarities. Those similarities can be in appearance, abilities, talents, skills, and favorite things.

Identify the similarities of your daughter with you and always point them out. Then it will make her feel that you both have a strong bond with similarities, and it will make her closer to you.

Build interesting traditions

Here, traditions mean not the complex things, but the simple and funny things that you can maintain for a long time with your daughter.

It can be taking a photo with her at the same place annually or reading a favorite storybook together every night, traveling to the places she loves monthly or having mini campfires with her every month.

This will keep you two connected even in difficult times and improves the relationship with your daughter.


We discussed a lot of things about the way of improving the father-daughter relationship in this article. Then, I have given you some ideas on how you need to treat your daughter and some facts you can try with her. So, now you know what an excellent father-daughter relationship is and its importance as well as how to improve a father-daughter relationship.

Now, it’s your chance to try them out with your daughter and experience the results.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned with BestFamilyLife for more good content.

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