How soon can you take a pregnancy test? Early test guide best

How Soon Can You Take a Pregnancy Test? Early Test Guide

Do you think you might be pregnant? Do you miss the periods? Or Do you suffering from any unusual symptoms? Then you may think about how soon can you take a pregnancy test. This early test guide will help you.

There is a slight chance of getting pregnant, even though you use the most effective birth controlling methods. Therefore, it is better to take a pregnancy test if you miss a period. 

Most women track the period cycle carefully. Usually, it comes every 28 days. If you don’t track it down, consider it as a one month after the last periods.

If you hesitate about how early can you take a pregnancy test, the answer is once you missed a usual period.

It’s easy to do an Over-the-count (OTC) pregnancy test by yourself at home. You can buy the most reliable early pregnancy test from here.

How does a pregnancy test work?

After the fertilization of the egg, it travels to the womb and implants in the uterine wall. Then your body starts to produce Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, and it appears in the urine. The OTC pregnancy test can identify the said HCG hormone in your urine.

How you take a urine sample for a pregnancy test?

There are several ways to collect urine for a pregnancy test. It’s advisable to collect the sample in the morning because; the level of HCG in your urine may higher if you conceived.

You can do the test as follows:

  • Collect urine to a cup and separate small amounts using a clean eyedropper to a particular container. Then dip the testing stick into the container. 
  • Collect urine to a cup, and then sink the testing stick into the urine.
  • You can place the testing stick in the area of the urine stream.

You can find pregnancy test strips and urine collecting cup from here.

How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

You can read the instructions for the pregnancy test kit. Most of the products have different time and instructions. Wait for the recommended time and see the results. 

Different testing brands show results in different ways. Mostly, the stick shows as changing the color, a symbol like + or -, showing a line, or the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant.’

How long does it take for HCG to show up in urine?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) produces only when there is a conceived egg. Usually, HCG starts to show up in urine five days before the expected period.

HCG amount rapidly increases in the early pregnancy period. However, the hormone system is different from woman to woman. 

Therefore, it is better to take the test within five days before the expected period to the expected date. 99% of the results of the tests are accurate when the test does after a missed period. 

However, you can use this pregnancy test which is more sensitive for the HCG, and you can do the test 5 days before the expected period.

How early can you identify the pregnancy signs to take a pregnancy test?

Usually, it takes 12 – 14 days to fertilize an egg with a sperm. Therefore, you can see the results in around two weeks after you have sex. And also, several other signs show there is a positive result.

If you see these signs, it’s advisable to do an OTC pregnancy test.

  • Miss a period – This is the earliest sign of positive pregnancy. Mostly the menstrual cycle comes in 28 days. If you are tracking the periods, you will notice if there is a missing in an expected date. However, this cycle can little bit change with some other reasons as stress, exercises, weather, diet plans, or other medical condition.
  • Cramps or breast hurts – In the early pregnancy stage, there will be some menstrual cramps. You will feel that it is going to have the periods, but it will not affect other than the pain. Sometimes, most women say that they have pain in the breast in the early conceived period. However, it is not often; but, it can happen sometimes.
  • Frequent urination and exhaustion – You will difference in your body in the early stage of the implantation. Usually, you will see frequent urination in the day time. And also, the excessive tiredness will occur due to the pregnancy.

Take a pregnancy test as soon as your contraception failed

We cannot expect 100% protection from contraception devices. There are different types of most effective birth controlling methods. However, the most common methods are birth control pills and condoms. 

Most of the time, women forget to take birth control tablets continuously. If you missed one day, there is a 9% possibility of having an unexpected pregnancy.

Therefore, you can do an early pregnancy test if you missed one pill. However, don’t use birth control tablets without your General physician’s instruction. 

Another most common birth controlling method is condoms. However, condoms can damage or breaks during intercourse. Sometimes the incorrect use may cause pregnancy.

If you are looking for a reliable condom, we can recommend this product for you.

How accurate are early pregnancy tests?

Most of the time, home pregnancy tests are highly accurate. We can highly recommend this pregnancy test for you. You can test 5 days before the expected date from this pregnancy test.

However, some situations bring you false testing results. The reasons are as follows;

  • Testing too late – If you do the test a few weeks after the conceived, the result will be false. It says hook effect.
  • Testing too early – If you do the test earlier than 12-14 days after the ovulation, test results will be false.
  • Using a less sensitive pregnancy test – less sensitive pregnancy tests cannot identify the HCG levels. You can find more sensitive pregnancy test from here.
  • Testing at the wrong time – It’s advisable to do the test early in the morning. There is a high possibility of containing the more elevated amount of HCG in the urine over the night. If you do the test in the night time or day time after consuming lots of water, the pregnancy tester will not identify HCG.

We hope this will help you to clarify how soon can you take a pregnancy test. If you see this will help someone else; please share it with your friends. If you have any questions or comments, don’t be shy to comment here.

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