How soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy? Early starting symptoms

How Soon Can You Get Symptoms of Pregnancy? Early Starting Signs

There is a possibility of getting pregnant anytime for a sexually active woman. Only need to one sperm meet with an egg to fertilize. Therefore, most women interest to know how soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy.

Once you conceived, it causes to change your body hormones. Then those body hormones make some changes in the body. We identify those changes as early pregnancy signs.

However, it is better to do an Over-the-count (OTC) pregnancy test for certifying your condition.

How soon do symptoms of pregnancy start?

The symptoms and time may be different woman to woman. However, the process of fertilization of the egg may take 10-12 days.

After you conceive, your hormone level goes high, and some extra hormones are generating. Those hormones make some effects on you mentally and physically.

Therefore, the answer for the how soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy may depend on the body structure, fitness level and the tolerance of the woman. You will be able to see some symptoms before the missing period.

What are the early pregnancy symptoms?

There are several early pregnancy symptoms that affect most of the women. Some signs may not appear for every woman. However, these are the most common early pregnancy symptoms you can get as soon as you conceived.

  • Tiredness – This is one of the common pregnancy symptoms that can appear as soon as pregnant. You may feel fatigued without any reason. You may fell to sleep the whole day, but tiredness will remain.
  • Frequent urination – If you notice you have recently got a frequent urination issue, it may an early sign of pregnancy.
  • Tender breasts and darkening areolas – Several hormones start to generate after conceived. As a result of that, blood pressures towards breasts and make them tender. You may feel the heaviness of your breasts. And also, the areolas may darker than before. This is not a common situation.
  • Food aversion – This is one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms. You may feel disgusted about lots of foods.
  • Sensitivity to smell – Smelling delicacy goes higher when you conceived. You will feel more sensitive for bad smells, and it makes you vomit. Especially, sweating smell of yours.
  • Body temperature – As soon as you get pregnant, your body temperature will go high, and you will feel like fever.

How soon can you get symptoms?

Most of the pregnancy signs appear different from woman to woman. Therefore, it is not one exact answer for how soon can you get symptoms from pregnancy. However, most of the time, you can identify above-said symptoms before the expected periods.

How soon can you do a pregnancy test after-feel symptoms of pregnancy?

If you feel above mentioned early pregnancy symptoms, you can do a home pregnancy test for verifying your situation. Usually, you will have to wait until the missing period date to do the OTC pregnancy test. You can find the following most reliable home pregnancy kits.

You can read our comprehensive post about How soon can you take a pregnancy test from here.

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