How long should I wait to text him back to make him falling love?

How long should I Wait to Text Him Back to Make Him Falling Love?

You may have a relationship with someone or looking forward to starting a relationship. Have you ever thought that the time you take to respond to the messages affects your relationship? If you never think about it, read this carefully. Then, you will get a clear idea about how long should I wait to text him back.

No one likes to wait for the replies for the texts. Therefore, we should text back quickly. However, there are some situations that we can’t text back immediately. Also, there are some situations that we have to take some time to respond.

The expectations are different for the stages of your relationship. Therefore, we have created separate guides for each category.

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How long should you wait to text him back when you are in a crush with someone?

If you are in a crush with someone and looking forward to starting an affair, you have to respond as soon as possible to the texts he sends.

Especially, try to respond to greetings, day to day things, and for general questions quickly. Make him feel that you give priority to him all the time; it will help to make him falling love with you.

If he asks unnecessary things that hurt you, take some time to text him back. It will depend on the time how long you should wait to text him back with the situation.

However, keep in mind that to reply to him within one hour because the researches have proved that men are waiting for a reply about one hour and then they get disappointed.

If you are looking forward to meeting him in person for the first time, read How long you should talk online before meeting him in person.

What if you just started the relationship?

If you just started your relationship, you feel amazed when you receive a text from him. Probably, you may be keeping your eyes on the phone, looking for a text all the time.

Don’t wait for a second to text him back on this situation. Keep the enthusiasm high in this period between you and him.

If he asks kisses from texts, take some time to respond. Sometimes, he may ask photos of yours; it’s a time to wait a reasonable time to text him back. Let him feel some extra value on you. 

Don’t wait if you have built a strong relationship with him

If you have passed some reasonable time with your partner, you may recognize that he doesn’t respond to your texts as before. Don’t think that he neglects you or loosing you. It’s the behavior of men.

If he texts you, reply as soon as possible. Because, he expects a quick response in a long time relationship.

Not only that but also keep in mind that now it’s your time to take the lead. If he doesn’t text you much, you can text him a lot, asking his daily activities, greetings, and more.

If you need to maintain a long-lasting relationship, do not wait to text him back all the time. Take some time on the exceptions that I have mentioned earlier.

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