How does poor parenting affect a child?

How Does Poor Parenting Affect a Child?

Children enter society through their parents. Therefore, parenting is not just a word but a responsibility. If a child undergoes poor parenting, it will affect his whole life. So, all the parents should have a clear idea about parenting and its responsibility together with how does poor parenting affect a child.

Accordingly, I will discuss all the related information you should know about parenting through this article. I will provide you details about; how does parenting affects a child, what is poor parenting, what causes poor parenting, how it affects a child, and finally, the way to stop poor parenting. 

So, How does poor parenting affect a child? Poor parenting affects children in many ways. It can abuse a child both mentally and physically with or without the intention of parents. Poor parenting may cause mental issues like aggression, frustration, anxiousness, and many other emotional problems. Not only that but also poor parenting can make a socially inappropriate child.

There are many ways to prevent poor parenting and to change your parenting style to a positive one. Showing love and affection, setting age-appropriate rules and consequences, good communication, etc., are among the ways leading to successful parenting.

I have listed the topics below that I discuss in this post. Feel free to jump straight to the one you are interested in. Let’s get started!

Parenting and Different Styles

Before we get started with how does poor parenting affects a child, it is essential to understand and get to know about different parenting styles.

Parenting can be cited as; the process of promoting and supporting the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of a child from infancy until he becomes an adult.

There are various parenting styles. They are; authoritative, authoritarian, attachment, permissive, free-range, helicopter, and uninvolved.

It is in your hand to choose the best parenting style for your child because the effects differ according to the parenting style. Below I have discussed how parenting affects a child.

This is the most effective parenting style, which sets consistent and clear boundaries and rules. Parents have reasonable expectations and listening to input from the children. This style rates higher on mental health scores. 

  • Authoritarian parenting

This style sets rigid rules for the children to follow, punishes them, having high expectations, and expecting that the children will meet them, and does not encourage them in open communication.

It affects children to know their boundaries, and accordingly, they will be able to focus on their achievements.

  • Attachment parenting

Here, you have a lot of physical contact with your child, and you may respond to the needs of your child without hesitation. It will make the child; independent, resilient, less stressed, empathetic, and able to control the emotion.

  • Permissive parenting

The parents who follow this style are so loving and warm. They do not set up strict boundaries or limits and do not always try to control their children.

There are few rules for children, and they are allowed to make most of their own decisions. There, the children develop themselves in making independent decisions. 

  • Free-range parenting

In this style, children are not confined to a cage. They are given a chance to take risks under parental guidance. They give their children responsibility, independence, control, and freedom.

Accordingly, the children become less anxious, less depressed, able to make decisions, and self-reliant.

  • Helicopter parenting

The parents who are following this style are trying to control most of the situations, offering guidance and solving the problems of their children. 

  • Uninvolved parenting

This is also known as neglecting parents. In this style, the parents are not taking care of the physical and emotional needs of their children except the basics of them.

Further, they are physically or emotionally absent from the lives of the children and sometimes may be abusive physically.

Although children become more self-sufficient, it has more bad outcomes than other parenting styles, such as children having trouble controlling their emotions, anxiety, depression, having academic challenges, difficulty with social relationships, etc. 

These are some of the parenting styles that greatly affect your children. Parenting can affect children in both good and bad ways.

What is poor parenting?

Poor parenting or bad parenting is something that affects the whole future of a child. Activities like neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse are the most damaging and serious behaviors that involve poor parenting. 

Therefore, you should be more concentrated on these things as parents. The question, “how does poor parenting affect a child” has a direct connection with poor parenting.

Accordingly, is it very important to recognize what poor parenting is? Below I have mentioned signs to identify poor parenting.

  • Over or under involvement

Parents’ involvement in children’s lives is very important. In order to make the involvement successful, parents need to understand the level of involvement. 

Involving too much and trying to give advice and intervene in every situation of a child’s life can badly affect the self-esteem and independence of the child.

Moreover, under involvement can make your child stubborn and unobedient.  

  • Having little or no discipline

The children with little discipline or have no discipline fend for themselves. It may result in causing injuries and also creating children who do not understand boundaries.

Therefore, not setting enough guidelines or rules to discipline your kid is also a sign of poor parenting. It is very clear how does poor parenting affects a child’s behaviors.

  • Rigid or strict rules

Applying too many rules can also be identified as a sign of poor parenting. The parents who are practicing rigid or strict discipline do not allow their children to explore the world. It will often be leading children to become anxious and fearful, or rebellious. 

  • Less communication

Communication is a key factor of any type of relationship, and the same applies to the parent-child relationship. It is very important to have and maintain very good communication with your children. If you fail to do it, it is a sign of your poor parenting.

What causes poor parenting?

Before getting into “how does poor parenting affect a child,” it is important to realize what causes it. Understanding the real causes will help you to prevent poor parenting. Below I have listed some causes for poor parenting.

  • Drug use

Poor parenting can happen due to the use of drugs. If the parents are addicted to any type of drug, they are not in a good mental situation to take care of their children. 

As drug addicts care more about the way they find drugs, they do not pay attention to taking care of their children. Also, negligence is an additional hurt for children of drug-addicted parents.

  • Mental problems

This is also another cause of poor parenting. If the parents have mental health issues, they will not be able to take care of their children properly.

For example, if the parent suffers from hallucinations or schizophrenia, they will rarely manage their own lives. In this type of situation, the child will have to take care of the parent as well as himself from a quiet early age. 

And on the other hand, parents’ mental problems may sometimes turn into physical problems of children if the mental problems cause abuse by their children. 

  • Egoism

Have you seen that some parents are egoistic and care about themselves and their progress more than their children’s mental and physical wellbeing? The children of this type of parent are suffering from severe neglect and various mental issues.

They feel that they are not valuable, and they don’t find their lives are important or valued. And if this egoism turns to serious levels of narcissistic behaviors, it will bring worse results.

How does poor parenting affect a child? 

How does poor parenting affect a child? It is a very common problem that many parents ask about. Children will fall to various risks in life due to poor parenting like depression, anxiety, aggression, etc.

Below I have mentioned a few results of poor parenting.

Rebellion and control issues

The children experiencing overly strict or rigid discipline are having issues with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Due to the high control of parents, they show anxious behaviors and consider the world a dangerous place.

On the other hand, rebellious children who are fighting with their parents are breaking the rules and engaging in negative behaviors.

Behavioral and emotional problems

Poor parenting, which includes physical or verbal threats and frequent yelling, and also very harsh behaviors like hitting with negative consequences for a specific behavior, may lead a child to have behavioral or emotional issues like; aggressiveness and frustration.

Reduction of the educational level

Poor parenting may demotivate your kid in education, and they will end up having a lower level of academic and general knowledge. Your poor parenting will badly affect children, and they will not learn to fix things, to proceed, and to solve simple daily problems.

This may become a serious issue when they become adults. They will often be unprepared to solve their problems and feel lost themselves.

Use of drugs

This is also a result, and from this, you can see how does poor parenting affects a child as it ruins the whole life of children. When they feel that they are not valuable or neglected, children will hang out with friends more often.

If those friends’ behaviors are not good and if they consume drugs, your children may undergo peer pressure, or else the others may force them to take the drugs. It will lead them to become drug addicts, which will ruin their whole life. 

Who is responsible for this? There is no need for other explanations to show how does poor parenting affects a child.

How to stop poor parenting?

Since now you have understood how does poor parenting affects a child, it is time to correct the mistakes of your parenting style. Parenting is a challenging and ongoing process.

If you feel that you are falling into poor parenting habits, you may make changes to prevent it. Your parenting should have patience, a lot of hard work, and honesty.

It is in your hand to make positive changes for your parenting style to stop poor parenting. Below I have mentioned some ideas to stop poor parenting. 

  • Listen to the feelings and thoughts of your child.

We all like it if someone listens to us carefully, whether they agree with us or not. When talking about children, it is said that they want parents to listen to their frustrations and concerns, and most importantly, validate their feelings.

And also, you may explain that they have a right to get angry but not to act it out. Instead of that, you can provide alternatives for the various emotions.

  • Providing appropriate consequences

It is essential to give age-appropriate consequences that can teach your child discipline. As an example, if you hit a child, it teaches nothing about consequences but can result in anger and resentment, so with that, the child may go and hit other children at the school.

Instead of that, you can give time out. In Particular, you should make sure that you are giving a suitable consequence for the behavior you are correcting.

  • Show them your love

Showing your affection and love to your children means something more than just telling them in words that you love them. It means that you accept and support your child.

It gives them the feeling that they are physically affectionate and gives them a chance to spend quality time together with you.

  • Give them a chance to make mistakes.

You can let your child be creative and correct their mistakes without criticizing or shaming. When they correct a mistake, appreciate them and ask what difference they made.

Here, you can use your own mistakes to show them that learning never stops and that all of us have bad days. Further, convince them to correct mistakes and help them to improve themselves.


We have discussed; how does poor parenting affects a child with more details and practical examples. So, I think this article will effectively work out for parents trying to choose a parenting style and the parents who are following poor parenting behaviors to correct themselves.

Parenting means not just a word but a responsibility because your parenting can lead a child for his success as well as to the failure of his whole life. Therefore, first of all, you have to identify the causes for poor parenting, like drug use, mental problems, etc., and following that, it is important to know how does poor parenting affects a child.

Due to poor parenting, children will lose their mental and physical health. Further, they will fall into drug usage and many other inappropriate social behaviors. Most importantly, you can avoid poor parenting by following methods like showing love, providing appropriate consequences, etc.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned with BestFamilyLife for more good content.

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