Guys Behavior after Breakup (Male Psychology after a Breakup)

Guys Behavior after Breakup (Male Psychology after a Breakup)

Everyone starts relationships with a lot of hopes. After a breakup, those hopes go faded away. Guys behavior after breakup is different than girls even though they have a hard time. Usually, it is harder to understand men’s reactions when they face a hard situation.

Men are not like women. They barely speak and express their inner motives with someone. We know that guys are pretending to be sensitive less and strong-hearted as a universal fact.

However, we have to consider the actual behavior of the guys after a breakup to clarify the situation appropriately.

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Why guy’s behavior different from women after a breakup? Male psychology after a breakup

Why guy's behavior different from women after a breakup Male psychology after a breakup?

Guys behavior is entirely different in a relationship. They speak less, fight less, and seems as don’t consider the relationship as a big deal.

Guys love to spend time with their friends and to do adventures things. They care about sexual life in a relationship other than anything. 

Women are not like that. They always call the boyfriend and try to look after him. In other words, it is like trying to get control of him to the hand. And also, women speak a lot and complain a lot.

That is the nature of people. However, guys behavior after breakup is also different from women. Most of the time, women express their pain by crying.

And also, they tend to speak the problem with parents and friends. Therefore, they make their broken hearts in a short period. 

But guys are not like that. They feel shy to cry and express their inner pain to someone else. They think that telling sorrow and crying in front of someone is a weakness.

Therefore, most guys try to hold the pain and changing their behaviors to reduce the pain. 

This is why guys behavior after a breakup is entirely different from women. However, women go through their broken heart quickly.

Guys hold the pain for a long time and struggle to heal the broken heart for a long time.

How is the guys behavior after a breakup?

Behaviors are a different person to person. It may affect their age, country, culture, education, and experience level. However, we create a list of some common guys’ behaviors after a breakup.

Guys talk less after a breakup

Usually, most of the guys speak less in a relationship. But they are more talkative within the gang of best friends. Most of the less speak with their friends after a breakup.

They expect the association of friends more than other days. But they tend to remain silent and don’t want to talk about anything. 

Friends can easily understand the change of guys’ behavior after a breakup. Then, friends may compel to say what has happened. Even though most guys don’t say exactly what happened.

Most guys start to follow a completely different routine after a breakup

Men’s behavior is different when they face a terrible situation. As I mentioned earlier, they don’t express their pain to someone else.

As a result of that, the pain burns the inside peace of the person. Most guys completely change their day to day behavior after a breakup.

For example, awaking time, meals, sleeping time. They couldn’t get over with the pain quickly. Therefore, they let go of everything in their lives.

Most guys start new behaviors after a breakup that can reduce the pain

Most guys start new behaviors after a breakup that can reduce the pain. That's how psychology works.

This may depend on the sensitiveness and the capacity of the person. Less strong guys begin to reduce the pain by drugs or alcohol. We know guys are having drink alcohol and smoking weed sometimes with friends. 

However, after a breakup, they always use it until they get physically weak or get addicted. This is the worst guys behavior after breakup that can happen and ruin his whole future life.

Guys blame to themselves for what happened

Guys not like women when they go through a breakup. Women tend to blame for another party for a breakup. But, guys blame themselves for what has happened. They always think about their mistakes in the relationship and suffer about it.

We have seen some guys hurt themselves as a result of this self-blaming. This is a physiological situation that can go for a mental illness if it didn’t treat well. 

Men destroy all the memories after a breakup

Not like women, men tend to destroy all the memories as soon as after a breakup. Mostly guys, don’t collect a lot of things like girls.

We know girls collect all the items relate to the relationship, even chocolate covers, text messages, and cinema tickets. Guys don’t collect lots of things except really unique things.

After a breakup, they try to destroy all the collected things for expecting a mental relief. This guy’s behavior after a breakup happens in harrowing situations.

Start to get poorly hurt after little time

Not like women, hurting feelings long last for the guys. They can mitigate the senses for a short time. However, when time passes, they still get to worry about the past. They remember the memories for a long time.

Guys become Arrogant and aggressive after a breakup

Breakup is severe pain. Because of that, most guys become arrogant and aggressive suddenly, not like their usual behavior. Those differences may change their attitudes as well as physical appearance. They don’t care about others and what others think. 

They get excessive anger for even tiny things. Most of the time, they make struggles with friends and family members without any reason. This one of the worst guys behaviors after a breakup that can hardly affect his social life.

Some guys try to improve themselves with a broken heart (That is how male psychology works after a breakup)

Some guys try to improve themselves with a broken heart

There are strong-hearted and motivated guys who work to improve themselves. Most of the time, they focus on workouts or some other sport. Some guys focus on studies and look forward to achieving their own goals instead of suffering from a breakup.

These types of guys are rare to see. They don’t think about the past and another relationship. They only want to catch their personal and professional goals. However, this is a real appreciable guy behavior after a breakup.

Guys pretend to behave the breakup as a regular thing

Men like to hide their sadness and pain. They think showing or speaking about pain is a weakness and hardly affects their personality. Therefore, most men pretend to behave like didn’t get hurt after the breakup.

They tried to smile and continue their joyful life as before, but inside they are burning. We have seen this behavior from a lot of guys’ behavior after a breakup.

Tell a different story to friends

It is difficult to face society and friends after a breakup. Most people tend to ask when they see there is something wrong. We have seen a lot of guys tell different stories to their friends about the breakup.

Usually, guys don’t like to say they got hurt. They want to say it is a decision of both or, the guy decided to break up or something else. They think their breakup as a weak point of their life. This is another guys behavior after a breakup that can make lots of collateral circumstances.

However, we all have best friends that can share anything in our lives. We say their brother from another mother. Guys share the actual reasons and the story with those friends. 

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