How to find Safe Makeups for Kids?

How to find Safe Makeup for Kids?

Kids love to do their makeup, no matter it is a girl or a boy. Are your kids the same? If yes, this post may help you because I hope to discuss everything related to safe makeup for kids in this post.

Most parents say that kids love to play with real stuff no matter how many toys they have. Mostly, kids love to use the cosmetics of their parents.

Obviously, they like to imitate their parents. Parents are the heroes and role models in their childhood. Therefore, they will use your clothes, shoes, as well as makeup and cosmetics.

Let’s get started!

Why should you find safe makeup for kids?

I have seen that boys try to draw beard or mustaches using mother’s eyebrow pencils. If you notice correctly, daughters will easily catch all the makeups you use from first sight. They have a higher desire to use the things their parents use.

Therefore, It is better to find some safe makeup for kids to do their makeup. It would be a great idea considering their safety. And also, it may help to save your expensive cosmetics as well.

Why should you find safe makeup for kids?

Most parents care about their little one’s safety while they enjoy seeing their made-up kids. However, there is a possibility of having skin troubles as allergies, infections, and many skin diseases due to regular cosmetics on kid’s skin. There could be harmful ingredients even in the makeup sets marketed to kids. That is why you need to find safe makeup for kids.

What are the harmful makeups for Kids?

BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) – This is a lab-made chemical. Typically, these are famous as a food preservative as well. BHT includes some makeup products such as whitening creams, night creams, and patches. This may cause health issues such as carcinogenic, liver diseases, and endocrine disruptors.

Fragrances – Hundreds of ingredients are included in fragrances, such as phthalates that are not suitable for them. These kinds of chemicals may have a negative impact on hormones. Obviously, it is not good for the little ones at a growing age.

PEG (Polyethylene glycol) – This is also a lab-made compound used to control the moisture level like softening and thickening. Some of the body lotion products consist of the PEG.

Most importantly, most companies do not reveal their lab tests to the public. FDA involves in identifying the harmful chemicals from the products. However, they don’t have any authority to recall the products in the personal care industry.

According to the Law, it is an advisory task of the FDA but a voluntary task of the cosmetics production companies. Therefore, we should find safe alternative makeup for kids as parents to make our little ones safe and happy.

What should you consider finding safe makeup for kids?

There are thousands of child makeup sets out there. Therefore, consider the following facts before finding one.

Recommendations - Safe makeup for kids

Washable Makeups – Kids have sensitive skin than adults. Therefore, try to find makeup that can remove easily using regular soap and water. There are waterproof mascara, lipsticks, and many products that need much effort for removal. Those are not the type you want to put on your little one’s skin. Therefore, an easy removal alternative would be safe makeup for kids.

Non-Toxic – Most cosmetics products use many harsh additives and lab-made chemicals such as sulfates and phthalates, as we discussed earlier. They market their products claiming ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ and ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green.’  Therefore, don’t be tricked by them. What marketers point out is not always true. You need to read the product labels and ingredients carefully before you buy.

Recommendations – Safe makeup for kids

Here are some of my recommendations after doing a thorough online search to write this post. These safe makeup options for kids have a higher level of reviews and guides. I consider several facts such as parent’s reviews, ingredients, and other safety recommendations when making this list.

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