Emotionally Abusive Relationship Quiz - A Helpful Guide

Emotionally Abusive Relationship Quiz – A Helpful Guide

People are different, and it takes time to identify the natural person. Most women suffer from the emotionally abusive relationship quiz of their partners. Therefore, we thought about it and gave some valuable insights. 

We know that people start relationships without examining the suitability of their partner. People tend to act nicely and gently towards people in the first couple of weeks or months in a relationship. They show a smiley face to cover their destructive and abusive behaviors. After a reasonable time, they start to show their real personality.

You may notice that the abusive behaviors and emotional hurtings come to action after a considerable time within a relationship. Typically, emotional abuse starts with emotional manipulation. It may be hard to determine whether it is abuse or not at the first instance.

Therefore, you need to have a sense of the types of emotionally abusive questions in a relationship and how they may come.

Abusive type of Quiz list

Try to find answers honestly to the following quiz; it will help you understand the emotionally abusive relationship.

  1. Does your partner enjoy being toxic to you?
  2. Does your partner enjoy dragging you down mentally?
  3. Does your partner enjoy seeing you cry?
  4. Do you feel your partner tries to make jokes out of you in public?
  5. Does your partner say that he doesn’t like your behavior?
  6. Does your partner treat you as the worst person without any reason?
  7. Does your partner compare you to others?
  8. Does your partner appreciate others while comparing them to you?
  9. Does your partner humiliate you in public or private?
  10. Does your partner make fun out of your achievements?

If you get positive answers for the above quiz, it means that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. You have to think about how much you care about this relationship.

And also, you should measure the possibilities of maintaining this relationship by correcting your partner or find mental relief yourself. 

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I hope this article may help you to understand the emotionally abusive type of relationship quiz. If you have something to share with us, please write to us using our contact page.

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