Frequent Contractions? When to go to the Hospital?

Frequent Contractions? When to go to the Hospital?

When you are close to labor, it is normal to have contractions. Most mothers worry about frequent contractions and when to go to the hospital.

Therefore, we thought of writing about when to go to the hospital for frequent and painful contractions.

Contractions sign us two things. One is you are going to have the most precious child soon. The second one is your child is in good health condition.

Therefore, you don’t want to worry. Just prepare for the most awaited days of your life.

When contractions happen and what it feels like?

Contractions are movements of the child towards the womb. The child moves down and pressures the womb. It’s a sign of close labor. Mostly contractions start to appear before two-three weeks before the real labor. 

You will feel like your womb getting tighten and relaxes. Sometimes, it may feel like the pain of periods. You will feel the movement of your womb as well as the uterus. You can use these pregnancy pillows to reduce most of your distress.

You have to concentrate on the time of contractions to identify when to go to the hospital.

When to go to hospital with contractions?

You have to time and track your contractions to identify when to go to the hospital. You can measure when they become stronger and frequent. Count three to four contractions using a stopwatch.

  • If you are having contractions that last up to 60 seconds and comes around 5-6 minutes, be ready for admission to the hospital.
  • If you have severe pain and bleeding, you have to hurry.
  • And also, be hurry when your water broke with contractions. 

If you live a little bit far away from the hospital, make calls to your midwife and hospital that you are going to admit. However, please be careful when you travel. You can use these pregnancy seat belt for your and baby’s safety.

Do you need to go to the hospital for Braxton Hicks Contractions?

Braxton Hicks Contractions are kind of practicing contractions. Those give some early practice for widening up the uterus. Most of the time, those contractions are painless. However, these contractions start to appear when you the last part of the labor.

You don’t have to worry until the contractions are painful. When contractions are getting painful and frequent, you have to call your doctor and admit to the hospital.

When to go to the hospital for the third baby? Contractions may not painful

If you are going to give birth for a second or third baby, your contractions may not be painful. However, it will differ from mother to mother. 

You have to be careful when it’s the third baby. Therefore, pre-arrange all the things and be ready for labor when you have the first contractions.

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