Can you get pregnant if only the tip goes in? wipe sperm inside you? if the sperm comes out? from precum? without having sex? from oral sex? swallow sperm?

Can You Get Pregnant if You Do These Things? Q & A

Most girls do know how pregnancy happens, but they have some practical questions that not easy to find answers or to ask someone publicly.

Therefore, we hope to answer most frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy from this article.

After referring this post, you will be able to find answers for all “Can you get pregnant if…?” questions.

Let’s get started!

1. Can you get pregnant if only the tip goes in?

Yes, it is. It is not relevant how deep the penis goes inside of your vagina. If some sperm go to the uterus through the vagina, it will enough for getting fertilized. Most young girls think that you cannot get pregnant if only the tip of the penis goes inside. 

However, you have to keep in mind there is a possibility to get pregnant even before you lose the virginity if some sperm could go inside.

2. Can you get pregnant if you wipe sperm inside you? Or if the sperm comes out?

Yes, of course. You know that one semen will enough to meet the egg for conceiving. And also, there are millions of semen in one drop of sperm. Therefore, if the man emits the sperm inside you, there is a high possibility of getting pregnant.

Even if you wipe out the sperm inside, you cannot 100% vacate all the semen. It means still there is a possibility for pregnancy.

3. Can you get pregnant from precum?

The standard answer to this question is ‘NO’. Precum is known as pre-ejaculate fluid which is a body fluid releasing from men during sexual erection. Men can control the cum, but they don’t have any control of precum.

There is a rare chance to remain live semen in the precum fluid. Some pregnancies have happened with this pre-ejaculate fluid. Therefore, we cannot assure you that you will not get pregnant from the precum.

4. Can you get pregnant without having sex?

The answer totally depends on the situational facts. Most the young couples are enjoying by kissing, cuddling and hugging. You have to remind that, as long as sperm doesn’t go inside the vagina, you are safe.

However, there is a possibility to meet sperms and vagina by accidentally. For example, by fingers. Therefore, you have to be careful.

5. Do I need to orgasm for getting pregnant?

Not at all. There is not any relation to a woman’s orgasm with pregnancy. It is not relevant how much you enjoy intercourse. 

Therefore, keep in mind that you can get pregnant, even without sexually behave.

6. Can you get pregnant if sperm touches the outside? Or if he rubs outside?

No, you cannot. If the sperm touches the outside of the vagina, it doesn’t have any effect. Sperm on semen cannot swim on dry skin.

Therefore, you cannot get pregnant if only the sperm touches the outside.

7. Can you get pregnant without sperm being released?

There should be live and active semen in the sperm to swim and find the egg for getting pregnant. Therefore, the answer to the can you get pregnant without sperm being released is ‘NO’.

However, some situations can happen. Men release pre-ejaculation fluids while the penis erection or precum. There is a minimal probability to include live sperm in it. If it happens, the answer is “Yes”. 

8. Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

The answer is a big “NO”. The chances are zero to get pregnant from oral sex. There is not any connection between the mouth and the vagina. Therefore, you cannot get pregnant from oral sex.

9. What happens if I swallow sperm?

Still, the answer is NO. A lot of young girls frequently ask this question from us. If you swallow sperm, it goes to the stomach. Then it digests with the stomach acids. Therefore, you don’t have to afraid. It will never happen.

10. Will you get pregnant if you had sex standing up?

The position you are using is not relevant for the sperm. Semen can swim upside, downside or any direction until it meets the egg. Therefore, it doesn’t count how creative you when penetrating. 

Moreover, only the matter is if the sperm released inside the vagina or not for getting pregnant.

11. Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

There is not any connection between the rectum and the vagina inside. Therefore, the effect of anal sex for pregnancy is zero even if he released the sperm inside the rectum. 

However, there is a possibility of spread the sperm to vagina when it comes outside of the rectum. Therefore, you have to careful.

12. Can you get pregnant from sex toys?

If you use sex toys for masturbation, the chance of getting pregnant is zero. However, if you use sex toys with your partner, you have to careful. Because it some sperm go inside by touching sex toys or fingers, it will end up with a pregnancy.

If you have a doubt that whether you are conceived or not, you can take over the counter pregnancy pills within 5 days for prevent the pregnancy.

And also, you can read our previous post about How soon can you get pregnancy symptoms from here. Moreover, if you have a substantial doubt, it is better to do a home pregnancy test.

We hope this comprehensive Q & A post will answer most of your “Can you get pregnant if ..?” questions. If you see this is helpful share it with your friends. If you have more questions, don’t shy to write to us or comment on here.

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