Best Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Parent

Best Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Parent

Good parenting is an important topic in the contemporary world. With the daily news feeds, we can always observe many incidents of bad parenting, such as child abuse and domestic violence.

Apart from that, so many parents are ready to be good parents. They are looking for resources to identify the best qualities and characteristics of a good parent to be so. 

Therefore, I think it is necessary to discuss the importance of good parenting and the qualities-characteristics that are needed for better parenting.

I hereby focus on what good parenting is and the 10 best characteristics and qualities of a good parent. Once you finish reading this post, you will get some tips for good parenting together with the identification of the advantages of good parenting. 

I have listed the topics below that I discuss in this post. Feel free to jump straight to the one you are interested in. Let’s get started!

What is good parenting?

Good parenting is caring for children with love, care, protection, and a sense of control. Good parenting considers the age and development of children.

It focuses on the age differences and their impact on children’s feelings, expectations, dreams, discipline, and development. Good parenting always tries to make the children independent and confident.

Good parenting involves developing the social skills of children and trying to socialize them. Social scripts are provided to children by parents to expand their social connections and the network.

Good parents are timely updated and think from the angle of the current generation. They encourage children to praise and identify the consequences of punishment. Also, it encourages children to put more effort into success and build up a growth mindset.

Among the parenting styles of authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved; researchers proved that the best parenting style is the authoritative style. It balances firmness and nurturance.

Authoritative parenting is considered as the good parenting style for the academics, mental health, and the excellent well-being of kids. Parents must have the authority and guidance over the family.

Good parenting is essential for the future development of a kid and his whole life. Good parenting gives a successful creature to society.

10 best qualities and characteristics of a good parent

Being a good parent is not an easy task. You should study, explore, identify and do hard work on it. It involves the aspects of physical, psychological, emotional, and financial.

However, being a good parent is an essential fact for the life of your child. I have stated some best qualities and characteristics of a good parent.

Love and affection

The most important qualities of a good parent are love and affection. The most necessary thing that children need from their parents is love and affection. Every child seeks their parents’ love, and they need affection since they are young and weak.

Parents need to love their children, always make them happy, spend time with them, protect them, and make them feel they are special to you. Love of parents will make the lives of kids adorable, and they learn to love others from their parents.


Among the other characteristics of a good parent, patience occupies a great place. Since children are always dependable, they do not listen well, are messy, disturbing, and noisy. So, parents need to have the patience to control them.

Taking a deep breath and enduring their behavior patiently is the best way to deal with it. Identify the wonder and cuteness of your kids rather than their messy behaviors.


Parents should always be encouraging. Since children are sensitive and they overthink every little thing, you need to stand with them all the time. They begin to worry about everything, even the simplest argument of a friend.

To overcome this situation, parents need to provide encouragement and support to your kid. It will improve the self-esteem and confidence of your child.


Attunement is an essential characteristic of a good parent. Parents with attunement are good listeners, and they always listen to their children.

Attunement helps you understand your kids’ feelings, emotions, thoughts, and kids feel comfortable since they always listened. Such parents feel and respond to their kids immediately.


One of the significant facts among the qualities and characteristics of a good parent is dependability. Kids always need to feel safe that there is someone always for them. Children with dependable parents feel safer than other kids.

As they are not physically or mentally powerful, they always need parents to depend upon.

A sense of humor

You need to identify the age of your children and try to understand their mentality. Good parents must have a sense of humor to engage with children to do funny things and laugh for no reason.

You can have time to stay with them and take chances which they provide you to laugh and enjoy. It will make your child closer to you and make you a good parent.


As parents, you need to be flexible, and it occupies an important place in the characteristics of a good parent. Since it is more difficult to move along with children than elders, you need to be flexible and adapt to situations.

There may be times when your attempts may fail. But it would be best if you were prepared and relaxed to have multiple solutions. It would be best if you stayed calm, open-minded, and flexible to go with the flow of children’s behavior. 

Being involved

Being involved is also important for a child since they expect it from their parents. You need to work hard, make time, and sacrifice being involved in your child’s life. Observe everything they do and always search for their academic improvements.

Please get involved in their school activities and help them. Parents need to prioritize children while balancing their work.

Rules, limits & boundaries

In addition to your love, children always need the structure, guidance, and supervision of their parents. You need to identify the limits and framework of their ages and try to impose appropriate rules, limitations, and boundaries.

Rules and limits keep children safer and away from unnecessary things. And also, you need to convince them that all those rules and limits are for their well-being.

Good modeling

The first role model of a child is their parent. They always observe you and try to imitate you. So, you need to be the person you expect from your child in the future. Because your role and behavior directly affect the child, they absorb your words, actions, behaviors, values, and the role you played within the community.

Therefore, good modeling is important for a parent to make their child a better person.

Tips for good parenting

To avoid hostile parenting and its harmful impact on children, parents need to identify their role together with the qualities and characteristics of a good parent.

To achieve those qualities and to be a good parent, here are some tips listed. They all are not easy. You need to work hard and sacrifice your time to become a good parent.

  • Show your love to children with your actions
  • Act as a safe haven for your child
  • Always share ideas and thoughts with your child
  • Identify the age, mentality, and generation which your child represents
  • Make time for your kids
  • Identify the talents and skills of your kids and encourage them to engage with their favorite things.
  • Adapt your parenting to fit your child
  • Don’t be too loved and too hard
  • Don’t compare your child with other children
  • Trust and treat them with respect
  • Engage in funny activities together with your child
  • Research their behavior
  • Take care of your health and well-being

Advantages of good parenting

Good parenting is beneficial for both the child as well as society. It impacts the physical and psychological behavior of children and their future role as adults within society.

Below mentioned are some such advantages of good parenting. It is better to identify the benefits to engage in improving good parenting more enthusiastically.

Enhance the bond between parents and children

Good parenting enhances the bond between parents and children. It will make the parents and children closer and turn their relationship into a promising path.

This bond between parents and children is crucial since it creates a comfortable environment to share everything.

It paves the way for parents to impact every life phenomenon of kids, and the stronger relationship with parents will support children in their way to adulthood for choosing correct paths.

Build up a strong communication

Strong communication is essential for every relationship, and it significantly affects the healthy parent-children relationship too.

Good parenting will create strong communication between children and parents and build a comfort zone to freely express ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors.

It paves the way for children to share everything with their parents and discuss. Listening to children is also included here, and it will encourage and make children more confident.

Improves mutual trust, understanding, and respect

Good parenting improves the mutual trust, understanding, and respect between parents and children. The trust which children build upon their parents and vice versa is beneficial for their whole life.

When mutual understanding is there, they can identify the behavior of both parties, and then conflicts will be minimized. When there is mutual respect, children will follow the guidance of parents, and it will assure their safety and provide affection.

Therefore good parenting supports both the parents and children to understand, trust and respect each other.

Increase happiness and self-esteem

Good parenting will create the home environment happily and peacefully, and it will provide a positive approach to children. Good parenting will make the children happy with fun, enjoyment, and boosting self-esteem.

It encourages children to stand firm in society and decrease their mental stress and anxiety. Positive behaviors can be witnessed from such kids.

Diminish the negative behavior

With the improvement of the qualities and characteristics of a good parent, the negative behavior of children can be diminished. Good parenting supports children to get away from the fragile society and inappropriate and irrational behavior.

With the limits and rules of parents, kids will get rid of these negative behaviors, and it’s vital for the well-being of society too. However, especially with young children, parents need to minimize punishments and encourage positive behaviors.

Conclusion – Best qualities and characteristics of a good parent

Throughout the text, the qualities and characteristics of a good parent were identified. Now, you are well aware of the best of them and try to achieve those qualities. Good parenting is a difficult task to achieve, and you need to work hard on it. Identify the best characteristics and qualities of a good parent, benefits, and then follow the tips to good parenting. It will make your way easier and connected with your children.

So, good parents! Let’s make your way to identify the best qualities and characteristics of a good parent.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned with BestFamilyLife for more good content.

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