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Average Week to Give Birth for First Time Moms

After becoming pregnant, every woman dreaming about the date she becomes a mother or the day she can meet the baby. Especially, the 1st time moms are excited about their due date. This article is all about an average week to give birth for first time moms.

According to scientific finding 80% of pregnant women give birth during 37 and 40 weeks of their pregnancy. There are a few more things that you should know as a first time mom about your delivery date.

Differ from Mom to Mom

The average week to give birth differs from mom to mom, and it depends on your menstrual cycle. By adding 280 days or 40 weeks to the 1st date of your last menstrual period, you will get to know your due date.

But, some facts affect the accuracy of the exact delivery date. Even sonogram or doctor can’t pinpoint the delivery date.

Research findings show that only 5% of pregnant women give birth on their due dates. Hence, these results show that your baby may arrive either earlier or later than your due date.

Your Mother’s Childbirth History effects on average week to give birth for first time moms

There is a huge possibility of 1st time mothers have some connection between their mothers’ childbirth history. Therefore, if you are a 1st time mother, you can look back to your mothers’ childbirth history and get an idea about your child birth date.

If your mother delivered the baby later than the due date, you would also give birth to your child later than your due date. This has a genetic connection.

The baby may arrive too soon or too late

According to research findings, about 11% of moms deliver before 37 weeks or premature babies. Some moms take too long or their delivery date late than 40 or 42 weeks.

Most of the times, moms below 30 will have late delivery, and also baby boys are more likely to be born later than girls. After 42 weeks, there is a risk, and therefore you must discuss with your healthcare provider about your options.

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